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Delivering Excellence in Express Shipping
Delivering Excellence in Express Shipping
Triple9 Express
Delivering Excellence in Express Shipping

TRIPLE9 Express, LLC emerged in 2018 under the guidance of Vasyl Drentza, a visionary entrepreneur. Dedicated to forging a dependable and efficient delivery network across the nation, the company specializes in POWER ONLY trucking transportation. Its clientele includes industry giants like Amazon, Fred Meyer, Safeway, McLane, USPS, UPS, and JB Hunt, among others.

The fleet, exceeding 10 trucks, is manned by adept independent contractors who bring their expertise to the road. Complementing this driving force, TRIPLE9 Express, LLC employs a team of five professionals who manage administrative tasks, dispatching operations, and maintenance protocols. With operations spanning all 50 states of the U.S., the company handles a diverse range of goods, varying in size and category.

Central to its ethos is a commitment to delivering not only products but also excellence, safety, and customer contentment. The company facilitates seamless interactions through its user-friendly website, offering customers the ability to request quotes, monitor their shipments, and share feedback. Extending its engagement, TRIPLE9 Express, LLC maintains an active presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These channels serve as outlets for sharing news, insights, and uplifting testimonials from satisfied patrons.

With a driving ambition, TRIPLE9 Express, LLC aspires to stand as the premier trucking transportation entity in the United States. It aims to achieve this distinction by consistently furnishing top-notch service, unmatched convenience, and exceptional value to its cherished clientele.

Reliability, Expertise, and Security in Medical Delivery Services
Unlimited Fleet

Well maintained, nicely kept, always clean and beautiful fleet to delivery your packages

Easy Set-up

We will do all the work for you, no need to worry or stress out on how and where – we got you covered.

Your Brand

We will deliver your packages in the style that you like, building and protecting your brand and identity.


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  • Lots of MILES!!! 5000-6000 miles per week.
  • Direct deposit every Friday.
  • Newer 2019 – 2023 Freightliner & Volvo trucks.
  • Fuel cards with daily Cash advance option.
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